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The sixth installment in the Swindle series, in which The Man With The Plan gets a new rival . . . and the search for a missing lottery ticket becomes a hunt of epic proportions.JACKPOT: the top prize in a game or lottery; a sensational and unexpected success, stroke of luck, windfall, bounty, pay day . . .What would you do with $30,000,000? Thats the question everyone in Cedarville and every town near it is asking, because right now theres an unclaimed lottery ticket worth that much -- and the money will go to whomever finds it first.Griffin Bing, The Man With The Plan, wants to be the lucky winner. But hes got competition. Darren Vader, Griffins number-one enemy, will stop at nothing to find it. And a new kid in town, Victor Phoenix, is also in on the big hunt. Hes got an advantage that Griffin would have never guessed: Griffins own friends are helping Victor out. But why?Griffins going to need a lot of help -- from a rowdy Doberman, a completely strange invention, and a very random set of wheels -- to hit this jackpot and win his friends back.

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