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I wanted to like this one because I always look for fantasy settings that arent bog-standard pseudo-medieval Europe. The cover suggests that the setting is Japan (which has also gotten overdone) but its more a mash-up of Asian countries with a very non-Asian language. So I was willing to forgive the somewhat unoriginal premise of a young woman establishing herself in a misogynistic society, and the annoying prophecy that forces her to remain a virgin, for the sake of what the setting and secondary characters might bring. But in the end, this didnt work for me. Two things really killed it. First that Javerri came across as such a depressing character, who didnt seem to take joy in anything much. I know she was in a tough situation, but she seemed so resigned and fearful it was difficult to root for her. The second *SPOILER* is that her annoying servant makes her pack a box of sex-toys even though shes sworn to virginity (not by her own choice) and although shes embarrassed, Javerri never loses it or leaves it behind until (wow, was that foreshadowing?) the villain uses it to rape her. A lot. I felt that the author was attempting to portray a sex-positive culture at the same time as the whole story focussed on the heroines virginity, which undermined the worldbuilding. Perhaps I should give the story more credit for not having her recover immediately, but allowing her to suffer the psychological trauma, except that it just added to the downbeat feeling of the story.

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